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We tailor assessments for your specific organisational needs

Most of our psychometric assessments come with a range of norm groups to choose from, allowing clients to benchmark the performance of their organisation. However, some companies prefer to tailor the reference group they are comparing their results with or tailor the assessment itself for their specific organisational needs.

At Hogrefe Consulting, we support our clients to ensure the psychometric tools they use really are suited to their own unique requirements, while remaining valid and reliable. This can be accomplished by aligning a psychometric measure with a client’s competency framework, or by setting up specific norm groups tailored to a particular application.

One example of adapting an assessment to our clients’ needs is the T-BIP®: an adaptation of the Business-Focused Inventory of Personality (BIP®) that provides eight additional scales to reflect the competency model of our client, Deutsche Telekom AG (please click here to find further information).

After an assessment or development process has run for some time, we also design and conduct validation studies to evaluate whether the psychometric tools have produced the required results.