Solutions Assessments for selection / development

We can support your selection or development processes from start to finish

Our core competence is in developing processes that help our clients effectively and efficiently assess, analyse and evaluate the predefined requirements for a specific role, candidate or employee.

We offer support for internal selection and recruitment as well as for internal development processes, and combine suitable psychometric tools (e.g. assessing cognitive abilities, personality characteristics or leadership style) with interviews and other instruments.

We can support the entire process from start to finish, but often support individual assessments as the last part of the selection process for final candidates. When supporting development programmes, we often optimise existing Development Centres or support specific aspects of the current process. 

Typically, we support our clients by:

  • Conducting a thorough requirement analysis and the development of a corresponding selection or development process
  • Developing and delivering Assessment Centres / Development Centres  
  • Conducting competency-based interviews or Management Audits, for example
  • Providing bespoke expert reports for each candidate
  • Evaluating and optimising selection or development processes