Solutions Assessment and feedback services

Individual assessments

Our test administration and feedback services offer organisations without the crucial resources (i. e. a qualified occupational test user) the option to use tests within their organisation. The process is managed by Hogrefe consultants and ensures that clients, interview panels and the test taker all benefit from the assessment.

Our test administration and assessment feedback services typically follow this pattern:

  1. Hogrefe Consulting conducts a requirement analysis and discusses the role in detail, often using a job description and competency framework provided by the client. To ensure personal and organisational aims are met, we can assess cognitive or job-relevant capabilities, personality characteristics and leadership style.
  2. Hogrefe Consulting recommends the appropriate psychometric assessments. If requested, Hogrefe Consulting also delivers client-specific reports. In these reports, our Consultants summarise the results of the chosen assessments, taking into account the specific requirements of the role.
  3. Hogrefe Consulting administers the assessments or tests to candidates via the online Hogrefe test system (HTS 5).
  4. A bespoke choice of assessment feedback options (including a combination of written reports, telephone, Skype or face-to-face delivery) is offered to the client.

Organisational assessments

Using our assessments, we can evaluate the climate and employee commitment and engagement within a whole organisation by analysing patterns of communication and behaviour.

We also implement feedback processes for organisations or specific teams. To do so, we typically combine self-evaluations and several observer ratings from personality inventories, or use specifically designed 360° or 180° feedback tools.