Assessor and facilitator training

Using valid methods for the selection of employees and applying them professionally is the foundation of being able to make sound personnel decisions. Especially with methods that include the assessment of behavior, such as role simulations, presentations or interviews, the reliability of the results is strongly related to the quality of the individual evaluation.

Do it the right way

Every day, we judge other people and their behavior on the basis of our own interpretation. This is very subjective, and due to individual processing patterns regarding the perception of people, each person perceives others differently. This may not be an issue in our everyday life, but it can have very dramatic effects when it comes to making personnel decisions. 

Misjudging a person’s suitability can quickly lead to a wrong decision in the selection of employees and therefore cause enormous costs. In employee development misjudging the potential of employees can have serious consequences for the affected individuals and the entire organization, in terms of lost time and resources. 

Therefore, we recommend applying methodologies to make the evaluation of others and their behavior in an HR context more objective. This enables a fair and realistic assessment of behavior and skills. In our assessor and facilitator training courses, we demonstrate what’s important when assessing behavior in the context of personnel diagnostics. We highlight typical mistakes and introduce methods to avoid them.