Testing and Feedback on demand

We support you in the use of our psychometric tests. From the administration of tests to the feedback of the results, we are at your side.

Testing on demand

You have decided to use Hogrefe psychometric tests online.  

Then your next step is to purchase those tests. Most of our psychometrics can be carried out and evaluated online via the Hogrefe Test System 5 (HTS 5). To use the system, access to an online portal is required. With the subscription model, you will pay an annual fee. This allows you to use HTS 5 to administer the psychometric tests you have selected from our portfolio. After subscribing, tests can be purchased in packages or as single uses, provided that the user is qualified accordingly.   

However, for some processes or if you only have a small number of test takers, it may be favorable to outsource the test administration.   

This is where our testing on demand service becomes interesting

We support you from selecting a suitable assessment, to administrating the test taking to providing your results as a PDF report.  

Feedback on demand

If you don’t have any previous knowledge about psychometric tests and would like to keep your own effort as small as possible, but still don’t want to do without valid insights from an online assessment – our feedback on demand service is the right choice for you. We assist you with interpreting test results and giving feedback.    

We will prepare you for a feedback session or discuss the results of several candidates to support you with making the right decisions in a recruitment process. Alternatively, we also deliver feedback directly to your test takers.   

Focus of providing feedback to HR personnel

  • Deep dive into the results 
  • Discussion of their impact on the behavior of the test taker  
  • Interpretation of the results against the background of your individual process, e.g. how the test taker fits the requirement profile or the strengths and development areas of the test taker 

Focus of providing feedback to test taker

  • Introduction to the psychometric test that was taken  
  • Explanation and discussion of the results 
  • Discussion of the opportunities and challenges that can be derived from the results