Psychometric services

We develop customized psychometric solutions for you.

Adaptation and new development of psychometric tests

Our psychometric tests have been developed to assess professionally relevant success factors in a valid and reliable way. For this purpose, we offer suitable tests from a portfolio of more than 100 assessments for a variety of questions in employee selection and development.  

If your need is very specific and is only partially covered by our existing tests, we support you by helping with an adaptation or new development of a psychometric instrument. For example, it is possible for us to supplement an existing test to include facets that are relevant for you.  

One example is the so-called T-BIP®: an addition to the Business-Focused Inventory of Personality (BIP®) that offers eight additional scales to map the Competency Framework of Deutsche Telekom AG. 

Calculation of individual norm groups

In order to interpret test results, a reference group is always required. This group must be similar to the participants with regard to various criteria (e.g. age or educational level).   

You may have found a test that will answer your question, but are you are missing a suitable reference group? We can find an individual solution and can calculate internal reference groups for you, so you can assess your test takers and compare them to your own employees.  

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