Our test recommendations for leaders

Every day, leaders impact the success of their organization with their decisions and their behavior.

Basic requirements for the selection of leaders

Leaders impact their team heavily on a range of qualities. With their behavior at work as well as their social skills, they act as role models and influence the entire team. The personality of a leader determines, to an extent, how they behave when interacting with others and how they approach tasks. For this reason, personality is an important aspect to consider when selecting leaders for open positions in your organization. Personality questionnaires can provide an insight into a candidate’s personality characteristics and in that way, help you assess the candidate against your requirements.  

Leaders also need to absorb and process a large amount of complex information and on that basis, make rational and logical decisions. A person’s cognitive ability is an important factor in determining how well this is done. Cognitive ability can be assessed with psychometric tests that provide an insight into how well someone can handle complex information and draw logical conclusions.  

In order to obtain a holistic impression of the suitability of a candidate, we also recommend additional selection instruments such as interviews and role-play exercises as part of your selection process. From a scientific perspective, a selection process should always include a range of instruments. In this context, psychometric tests are only one element which should be supplemented by findings from other instruments.  

Insight into our experience

In our experience, the following psychometrics are often used for the selection of leaders:  

Online assessments  

The following online assessments are often used before a first or a second interview:  

Tests measuring cognitive ability  

Psychometric tests that assess cognitive ability and can be completed by candidates from home:  

Test qualification

Not (yet) familiar with psychometric tests or don’t have time to work through an entire manual? We provide training to ensure you get the maximum value out of using a test.