Our test recommendations for graduates

Learning plays an important role for graduates. After gaining knowledge at university, they start their careers and enter a period of constant learning about new processes, content and behavior at work.

Basic requirements for graduates

How quickly and how well graduates can learn depends largely on their cognitive abilities. These abilities influence their learning speed, but also the extent to which logical conclusions can be drawn from the knowledge the have learned. Therefore, we recommend using online screening tests that assess cognitive ability and aptitude as a first selection step for graduates.  

To ensure your selection process is efficient and doesn’t rely only on one impression of a candidate, we also recommend using additional selection instruments. However, in the interest of ensuring an economical approach, these additional instruments should only be used on those candidates who were deemed potentially suitable in the first online screening.  

Since cognitive ability is only one factor that impacts future success, the personality of your candidates should also be considered. This can be done by using a personality questionnaire which is suitable for this target group.  

To complete your impression and assessment of a candidates, we recommend using further instruments such as interviews or role-play exercises.  

Insight into our experience

We look forward to speaking with you personally about which psychometric tests are suitable for your specific requirements and your selection process. Until then, you can find a selection of often used psychometrics for this target group below:

Online screening

The following online assessments are often used as a first screening of candidates. They can be completed by your candidates at home without supervision:  

Assessing personality

The following online assessments are often used to assess personality for this target group: 

Test qualification

Not (yet) familiar with psychometric tests or don’t have time to work through an entire manual? We provide training to ensure you get the maximum value out of using a test.