Our test recommendations for experts

With their ideas and their commitment, experts make a significant contribution to the success of an organization.

Basic requirements for the selection of experts

For most professions, cognitive abilities can determine the professional success of experts. How quickly and how well can an employee absorb and process new information? How well can a person draw logical conclusions? How do they manage to analyze complex issues? All skills related to these questions are strongly influenced by the cognitive ability of a person. For this reason, we recommend that within your selection process, you first use a psychometric test that assesses cognitive ability and aptitude. After this first screening, only candidates who meet the minimum criteria (determined beforehand by you) should be considered for your open position.  

In addition to cognitive ability, the way person behaves in a professional context is also very important. How do they approach tasks? How do they behave when interacting with colleagues, customers or superiors? Personality significantly impacts behavior. Therefore, we recommend using a personality questionnaire to gain insight into the personality structure of your candidates.  

As your selection process progresses and you narrow down the number of potential candidates, additional selection instruments such as interviews or case studies should be used to complete the evaluation of how the candidate matches your requirements. 

Insight into our experience

Depending on the individual position and industry, different psychometric tests can be suitable. If you are not sure which psychometric tests are suitable for your unique requirements and your selection process, take a look below and contact us for further information.

Online screening  

The following online assessments are often used as a first screening of candidates. They can be completed by your candidates at home without supervision:  

Assessing personality  

The following online assessments are often used to assess personality for this target group:  

Test qualification

Not (yet) familiar with psychometric tests or don’t have time to work through an entire manual? We provide training to ensure you get the maximum value out of using a test.