Our test recommendations for apprentices

In the first few years of their careers, apprentices are confronted with quite a bit of new input. They constantly learn new things – not only in school, but also every day at work. They acquire new skills and behaviors, become familiar with new processes, and are confronted with many new situations.

Basic requirements for apprentices

How quickly apprentices absorb and process new input largely depends on their cognitive reasoning ability. It determines not only how quickly new things can be learned, but also the extent to which rational and logical conclusions can be drawn from learned knowledge. For this reason, we recommend using an aptitude test as a first screening tool for your candidates.  

To ensure your process is efficient, we recommend that you only consider those candidates who were successful in the first screening test.  

Of course, cognitive ability is not the only factor to determine how well a candidate is suited to be an apprentice in your organization. It is also worthwhile to take a look at a candidate’s personality as this provides an insight into their behavior at work and their interpersonal skills.  

For the best decision, the results of psychometric tests should be supported by findings from other instruments, for example competency-based interviews or role-play exercises.  

Insight into our experience

Looking to understand which tests are suitable for your specific requirements? We’re happy to advise and recommend appropriate tests for your target group and needs. The following tests are frequently used for this target group:

Online screening

The following online assessment is often used as a first screening of candidates. It can be completed by your candidates at home without supervision: 

Assessing personality

The following online assessments are often used to assess personality for this target group:  

Test qualification

Not (yet) familiar with psychometric tests or don’t have time to work through an entire manual? We provide training to ensure you get the maximum value out of using a test.