Target group-specific assessment examples

Each selection process is different. Depending on the open position, the target group of candidates and your individual circumstances, the optimal process is made up of a combination of different instruments.

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Our many years of experience have shown that certain psychometric tests are particularly suitable for certain target groups. The use of a psychometric test is often particularly economical because it can save time in the selection process and provides reliable and valid results that help you assess your unique requirements.


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Find the right process for your target group

We reflect together on whether our frequently used tests are suitable for your selection process and determine which combination of instruments is the best fit for you. Psychometric tests can be used at different stages in a selection process:

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We reflect together on whether the frequently used tests below are suitable for your selection process and determine which combination of instruments is the best fit for you.  

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Psychometric tests can only provide reliable results if they are used and interpreted appropriately. This requires detailed knowledge of the test and the dimensions it measures. We convey this knowledge within our test qualification trainings and accreditation courses.  

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