The diagnostic tool kit

Every selection process is different, and it is critical to find instruments for each process that are tailored to the requirements. We support you with this – by efficiently combining different methods, designing exercises and assisting you with their implementation.

Get an overview of our diagnostic tools.

  • Interviews
  • Aptitude tests
  • Personality questionnaires
  • Role-play exercises
  • Presentations
  • Case studies


An interview provides insight into past behavior at work and potential behavior in future situations. It offers the opportunity to clarify any questions you may have about their job application or the skills and characteristics of the person applying for the position.  

The interview is one of most widely-used instruments in personnel selection, and used in almost every selection process. However, in reality interviews differ greatly: some resemble rather spontaneous conversations, others address fixed topics, and still others ask predetermined individual questions. Experts refer to these differences as the degree to which an interview is “structured”. But not only the way the interview is conducted, but also the way in which the answers of the candidates are used, can be very different. While some HR professionals would like to get a basic impression of a person, others work with clear evaluation guidelines.   

We support you to create interview guidelines that enable you to record the relevant skills and characteristics of your candidates in a systematic and efficient way. We also assist you in conducting interviews and evaluating the answers – whether you want to use an interview as a stand-alone instrument or as part of an Assessment Center.

Aptitude tests

Reseach has shown that cognitive ability is the most reliable indicator for the future success of your candidates. In occupational psychology it has been known for many years that the professional capability of an individual can be predicted particularly well on the basis of ability. Aptitude tests provide a quick and economic determination of a candidate’s cognitive ability. For this reason, they are frequently used in the employee selection processes.  

If you would like to use aptitude tests, but are not sure which test suits your requirements and target group, we support you with the selection of a suitable test and can also help with the test administration, results interpretation, and overall integration into the selection process.  

Personality questionnaires

A person’s personality significantly influences their behavior in a professional context. Personality not only affects team climate and cooperation; certain personality traits can also have a positive or negative effect on how tasks are dealt with by the individual. This makes taking a closer look at a candidate’s personality a worthwhile part of the selection process.  

We support you with finding a personality questionnaire that fits your process. From implementation, administration and results interpretation to providing feedback about sensitive results, we support your needs and help you integrate a questionnaire as an element in your hiring process.  

Role-play exercises

In a role-play exercise, a realistic work situation is simulated. The candidate is given a task which needs to be solved in a conversation. One or more trained role players act as employees, superiors, colleagues or customers. A role-play exercise enables assessors to directly observe and evaluate job-related behavior. This sets this instrument apart from other selection instruments.  

Would you like to integrate a roleplay exercise into your selection process? Our experienced team of experts will design role-play exercises for you that realistically reflect core tasks from everyday work situations in your open position. We also support you with the realization of a role-play exercise by providing trained role players, guidelines of how to interpret results, and training of your employees on how to assess this type of exercise.  


Presenting in front of an audience, either face-to-face or virtually, is part of everyday work in many jobs. This task can be reproduced realistically in the selection process. From pitching a product idea to presenting results to leading a meeting, different presentation tasks can be integrated into a personnel selection process. This method also makes job-related skills directly observable.  

We design presentation tasks which realistically reflect the requirements of your vacant position. In addition, we are happy to support you by creating guidelines for the interpretation of results and training your employees to assess this type of exercise.  

Case studies

A case-study exercise often requires candidates to solve a complex work-related problem. Usually, they are given several hours to do this. This type of exercise can be used to assess cognitive and organizational skills as well as technical knowledge. Case studies can be designed to reflect a realistic task of the vacant position. This method is well accepted by candidates due to its obvious similarity to tasks at work.  

Would you like to use a case study as part of your selection process? We can help you with the design and also assist with the interpretation of results.