Assessment Centers

Get an indication of a candidate’s aptitude and directly observe job-related behavior – this is made possible by combining various selection instruments within an Assessment Center.

The perfect format to match your needs

In the later stages of a selection process, an Assessment Center offers the opportunity to take a closer look at the fit of promising candidates. A number of formats are possible:  

  • Classic Assessment Center: several candidates are assessed at the same time 
  • Individual Assessment Center: focus is on one candidate so that competition across candidates is avoided

Whether face-to-face or virtually – we focus our design on your needs

Within an Assessment Center, various assessment instruments are used in combination. The focus is typically on tasks which simulate realistic situations in a work context, such as role-play exercises, case studies or presentations. These are often accompanied by interviews and psychometric tests. The suitability of candidates can be reliably assessed by this combination of several methods – if the methods are well-constructed and focused on the evaluation of the specific requirements of a role. Using an Assessment Center can improve the overall quality of a selection process.  

We support you with the design and delivery of Assessment Centers, from designing individual exercises to the design of a complete assessment day and its delivery. Either option can be conducted on site or virtually, as we partner with you according to your needs. When doing so, we use the instruments in our diagnostic tool kit to ensure your requirements are assessed in a valid and reliable way.

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