Make the right choice – with support from scientifically-sound selection instruments

Good employees are the key to an organization’s success. This realization highlights the importance of hiring the right person, and underscores why it is critical to consider various aspects of the person and not be guided solely by intuition when making this important decision.

We support you!

We support you in your hiring process with scientifically-sound assessment instruments and help you identify the best candidates. You and your unique requirements are our focus. We support specific steps within your selection process and/or partner with you to develop and deliver an entire process for a target group. We find the solution that suits you best! 

  • Requirement analysis
  • Selection or development of suitable assessment instruments
  • Training of assessors and facilitators
  • Delivery of selection processes

Requirement analysis

What are the qualities of the ideal candidate for your vacancy? What distinguishes successful from less successful job holders?   

At the beginning of a selection process, it is important to determine which specific skills and characteristics a candidate needs in order to work successfully in the open position. This is done as part of a requirement analysis. The requirements analysis is the foundation of the entire diagnostic process and suitable assessment instruments are selected on this basis.  

How do we support you with conducting a requirement analysis?  

Depending on your individual needs, we offer a range of scientifically-sound methods and services:  

  • Design of a questionnaire to ascertain your internal requirements 
  • Delivery of expert/stakeholder interviews 
  • Facilitation of a workshop to determine your requirements 
  • Design of a role profile with behavioral anchors  
  • Delivery of a training so you can complete a requirement analysis independently in the future  

After a successful requirement analysis, you will receive a detailed target profile with a description of the capabilities, skills and characteristics that your applicants should ideally possess.  

Selection or development of suitable assessment instruments

After completing a requirement analysis, we know which skills and characteristics a successful candidate should possess. The next step is to select or develop instruments which help us to assess these skills and characteristics.  

How do we support you with selecting or developing suitable assessment instruments?  

There is a large selection of different instruments to consider. Based on your unique requirements, we support you by:  

  • Suggesting suitable psychometric tests  
  • Designing interview guidelines, role simulations, case studies or other instruments  
  • Combining different instruments and designing a selection process that helps you assess the fit of your applicants 

As assessment results need to be considered carefully, we support you by: 

  • Interpreting results 
  • Integrating results for an overall picture of the candidate 
  • Providing a comparison across candidates 
  • Establishing decision-making rules based on your defined requirments 

Training of assessors and facilitators

To ensure a selection process is carried out professionally, all people involved in the process need to be trained. Knowledge about employee assessments is important at every step of the process – from reviewing application documents to facilitating psychometrics and interpreting those results to assessing role simulations and integrating the results from different assessments into an overall picture. Only the appropriate use of different instruments ensures their validity.  

How do we support you with ensuring assessors and facilitators know what to do?  

We support you by sharing our diagnostic competence to everyone involved in your selection process. A training can be delivered either as an in-house event at your premises or virtually. We adapt our trainings to your specific needs by offering:  

  • Training on the design of diagnostically-sound selection processes  
  • Training on how to review application documents (e.g. CV, motivation letter, etc.) properly 
  • Training to qualify you on the use of psychometric tests  
  • Training on how to design and conduct a competency-based interview 
  • Training for facilitators and assessors  
  • Delivery of resources (e.g. checklists) relating to diagnostic processes  

Delivery of selection processes

After all instruments have been designed or selected and everyone involved in the process has been trained, the selection process can start. We then support you with the delivery of your selection processes.  

How do we support you with conducting a selection process?  

We offer support that is tailored to your specific needs. Depending on which parts of your process you would like to manage yourself, which you would like to outsource and which you would like to organize in cooperation with us, we can assist you as follows:   

  • Facilitation of psychometric tests and interpretation of results 
  • Completion of competency-based interviews with your candidates 
  • Assessment of role play exercises and provision of role players 
  • Assessment of case studies and other instruments 
  • Facilitation of Assessment Centers and subsequent decision-making processes  
  • Organizational support for conducting an Assessment Center 
  • Preparation of competency-based expert reports with results for each candidate 
  • Delivery of feedback to candidates  

How valid is your selection process?

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