Management Audits

When a second opinion is needed on an internal appointment or promotion or an assessment of strengths and areas of development (particularly in the context of a restructuring) a Management Audit is recommended.  

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As part of a Management Audit, leaders are assessed, for example, to see whether their competencies are suitable for taking on tasks and responsibilities at a higher hierarchy level. Especially in the course of a restructure, it can be useful to determine whether the existing competencies among a management team are suitable for achieving a new corporate strategy. For important decisions like these, it can be particularly valuable to obtain an objective second opinion.  

We have many years of experience in assessing leaders and supporting our clients as an external partner. It is important to us to treat the participants of a management audit with respect and trust.  

We support you by designing and implementing an independent process that meets your requirements and helps you to gain a quick overview of your leaders’ competencies. To do this, we use a mix of methods, which often include suitable psychometric tests, in-depth interviews, role simulations and case studies. We summarize the results of the Management Audit for you in an assessment report or strengths/weaknesses profile.   

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