Identifying potential

As an employer, you need to know today which employees you should invest in, and who has the potential to become a good leader, a specialist or exceed as a project manager.

What the potential analysis deals with

A potential analysis deals with exactly this kind of knowledge. The aim is to identify an employee’s strengths and areas of development and to predict what performance they will be capable of in the future if given appropriate support. It not only serves to identify high potentials, but also plays an important role in personnel placement. Once a high-potential employee has been identified, it can be useful to move them into a position that is beneficial to the development of their potential at an early stage. The development of that potential can then be continuously supported by targeted development measures. 

But what is potential?

And how do you recognize potential in an employee?  A concrete answer to this question varies from organization to organization. A good first step is to determine which competencies are to be measured and which requirements a possible target position needs.  

However, we also know from years of occupational psychological research that cognitive ability is generally the most reliable indicator of future professional success. In addition, other qualities such as achievement motivation, personality or social skills are known to be important for success in numerous professional positions and for development processes. 

An effective potential analysis must therefore combine different instruments to enable a reliable assessment of strengths, development areas and potential. Depending on the specific requirements, we recommend a combination of psychometric tests, structured interviews and behavioral exercises as part of a potential analysis. 

Interested in assessing potential?

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