Prepare your employees for change – supported by sound diagnostic tools

Our work and workplaces are constantly changing. This confronts us with new challenges which demand solutions. Whether individual development or more profound organizational changes are needed – the goal of employee development should always be to equip employees with the skills they need to cope with the demands of their jobs.

Design effective processes

The focus of your process should be to use methods and instruments that have proven to be effective. Good and lasting staff development uses resources, both human and financial. A careful approach is therefore particularly important to ensure that these resources are spent effectively. Consider the following questions:   

  • What are the requirements for different employees and why are they different?  
  • What competencies are necessary to meet these requirements?  
  • What types of training are necessary to acquire these competencies?  

We support your personnel development with sound and proven diagnostic methods and help you refine your requirements for specific positions and identify talent and development areas.  

We focus on you and your specific needs: We support individual process steps or partner with you to design and deliver a complete development program. We will find a custom solution made just for you. 

  • Requirements analysis
  • Identifying potential
  • Management Audits

Requirements analysis

The first step of each development process should be to determine the success requirements. Depending on the reason for the development, it may be necessary to reflect on the future requirements of a position and develop employees accordingly, so that they are equipped to handle future challenges. Analyzing requirements and defining them carefully at the start of a development program is particularly important in the context of developing future leaders – only then does it becomes clear which competencies are needed in order to successfully lead others, and the targeted training to develop those competencies can be put in place.  

How do we support you with conducting a requirement analysis?  

We offer a customized package of scientifically-sound methods to support you, depending on your individual needs:  

  • Design of a questionnaire to ascertain your internal requirements 
  • Delivery of expert/stakeholder interviews 
  • Facilitation of a workshop to determine your requirements 
  • Design of Competency Frameworks 
  • Design of a role profile with behavioral anchors for a specific job 
  • Delivery of a training so that you can complete a requirement analysis independently in the future  

Contact us to find out more about how we can support you with your specific questions.

Identifying potential

A requirement analysis enables us to define the requirements of an organization. In addition, it is important to identify whether there is an actual need for development on the part of employees. Specific developmental needs and potential needs can be identified and fostered, for example, through a development program for potential leaders. In cases like this, potential can be assessed by conducting performance reviews and or a potential analysis.  

The goal of a potential analysis is to ascertain an employee’s strengths and areas for development and predict potential future performance if areas for development are addressed. Thus, it can support career planning and decisions regarding necessary training.  

How can we support you to identify potential?  

Depending on which part of a process you would like to run yourself and where you might want help, we can support you with a number of different services:  

  • Recommendation of suitable psychometric tests to assess potential 
  • Administration of psychometric tests and interpretation of results  
  • Design of interview guidelines, role-play exercises, case studies and other instruments  
  • Delivery of interviews  
  • Facilitation of role-play exercises and provision of trained role players  
  • Facilitation of case studies and other instruments 
  • Facilitation of Development Centers  
  • Assessment of candidates in your Development Center 
  • Report writing to integrate findings from different instruments and provide a written assessment of an employee’s potential  
  • Delivery of feedback to candidates after a Development Center assessment  

Management Audits

When a second opinion in needed for an internal appointment or promotion, or areas of strengths and development need to be assessed in the context of a restructure, a Management Audit is the right tool. 

Each participant in a Management Audit has usually already been identified as a talent to be retained within an organization and has proven their worth through their performance. Any process they are asked to go through needs to appreciate this fact. This is why it is often useful to obtain support from an external partner who can provide a neutral, second opinion and ensure the process is conducted professionally.  

How can we support you with the implementation of a Management Audit?  

We support by:  

  • Administering psychometric tests and interpreting results 
  • Conducting in-depth interviews  
  • Facilitating role-play exercises and providing trained role players  
  • Facilitating case studies or other instruments  
  • Providing expert reports which integrate the results from all instruments as well as a profile of strengths and developmental areas