What our clients say

Assessment and feedback services

'We often use Hogrefe questionnaires in our assessment centres for selection purposes. We appreciate the robustness of factor structure, the construct validity, and that reports are clear and versatile, for example when using the AMI (Achievement Motivation Inventory) to study the correlation among "motivation to success" and "orientation to change". […] I can confirm that Hogrefe is helping us through valid and reliable assessment tools, letting us improve the quality of our output.'

Manpower Group


'We found it necessary to complement our selection process for leadership and management positions with a psychometric assessment. After we decided on the Business-Focused Inventory of Personality BIP®, Hogrefe Consulting made sure that we were ready and capable of using the assessment successfully within a short time frame. […] The quality of our selection decisions has significantly improved since using the BIP®. Our candidates appreciate especially the detailed feedback, which we offer after the interview.'

Deutsche Bahn Regio AG

Assessments for selection / development

'The integration of Hogrefe online assessments as part of our selection day offers a range of benefits: an objective and valid basis for our trainee selection as well as a lower error rate, higher transparency due to the report function with presentation of results and additional information about the assessment and time savings. Hogrefe Consulting’s service is always professional and conscientious. Together, we were able to find and adapt the right assessments for our requirements.'

FDM Group Germany

'Working with Hogrefe was really great – they helped with everything straight away.'


Psychometric Services

'We have been successfully using the T-BIP® version of the Business-Focused Inventory of Personality as part of our assessment and development centres for several years. The alignment with our competency framework ensures an ideal fit between our organisation and our applicants. Valid and reliable data is important in finding applicants who meet our core requirements – therefore ensuring the high quality of our personnel decisions.'

Deutsche Telekom AG

'The support from Hogrefe was crucial for us. Without their help during the pilot, we wouldn’t have been able to choose the right combination of assessments and interpret the results correctly. We worked on establishing our own reference group, made up from the results of the assessments completed so far. This helps us to further differentiate candidates based on their NEO-PI-R results and will further decrease the dropout rate during the driver training. I am happy to have chosen Hogrefe for this project.'

Nottingham City Transport Ltd