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Founded in 2006
Business Manager Servane Combes
Publishing Manager Cécile Pannetier

About us

Editions Hogrefe France is located in the heart of Paris. We work together with professionals and academics to develop high-level scientific assessments. The assessments and literature we publish reflect a diversity of theoretical and clinical approaches and a strong ethical commitment.

Core Products and Activities

Edition Hogrefe France offers two portfolios: one for clinicians and one for HR professionals. Our clinical evaluation and assessment tools are internationally-recognized measures in subjects like personality (e.g. NEO-PI-3 and HIPIC), autism (e.g. ADOS-2 and ADI-R), neuropsychological assessment (e.g. BRIEF, d2-R, PiFAM and WCST) and creativity (e.g. EPOC).

Our portfolio of HR assessments provides professional consultants, coaches and recruiters with the tools they need for recruitment, selection, personal development, training and more. Some of our most frequently used HR assessments cover popular areas such as leadership, personality, psycho-social risk and attention.


Editions Hogrefe France was founded in 2006 to better meet the needs of the Hogrefe Group’s clients and authors located in France.

The Hogrefe Publishing Group, established in 1949, is a publishing house specializing in the field of psychology, and focusing particularly on assessment tools and publications. Based in Germany, the Group now has offices in 14 countries across Europe and the world, uniting a network of thousands of scientists turned to innovation. With a portfolio of more than 1,000 scientifically-sound psychology assessments, the Hogrefe Publishing Group has acquired the loyalty of more than 66,000 customers worldwide.


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