Madrid, Spain TEA Ediciones

Founded in 1957
Part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group since 2017
General Manager Milagros Antón López 

About us

TEA Ediciones is the world’s leading developer and publisher of psychological tests in the Spanish language. Ever since its foundation in Madrid 60 years ago, TEA and its publications have played an influential part in Spanish psychology, both for research and for practice. TEA’s catalogue includes more than 400 different products.

Core Products and Activities

As well as tests developed by Spanish authors, TEA Ediciones publishes international tests that have been translated, adapted and normed for the Spanish market, as well as tests developed by its own internal research and development team.

Alongside the tests themselves, TEA Ediciones provides a variety of related services, including test consultancy and advice, psychometric studies, seminars and workshops, and testing and scoring services.

The company’s head office is in Madrid. TEA Ediciones also maintains regional offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Zaragoza. Through a network of 17 international partners, TEA Ediciones distributes its tests in Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.


TEA Ediciones, S.A.U.
Fray Bernardino Sahagún, 24
28036 Madrid

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