Dr. Susanne Sachtleber

Dr. Susanne Sachtleber has over 15 years’ experience as a manager and consultant at different levels in various industries and in local and international consultancy projects. She has worked as a consultant in change and organisational processes, as an assessor in management audits and assessment projects, and as an executive coach and trainer for industry leaders. She has also held management positions in companies in a range of industries (management training, seminars, media and consultancy). Since 2012, Susanne has been head of Hogrefe Consulting.

Susanne is a communication scientist/psycholinguist with a PhD in Linguistics. Her qualifications include: process management and mediation, ‘solution-focused’ approaches, systemic coaching, change management, and ‘growth advisor’. She is also qualified and certified in applying numerous aptitude, personality and ability tests.

Languages: German, English, French