Selection Processes


How to effectively design selection processes and to obtain the greatest benefit from valid results when making selection decisions about talented individuals



We can support you with internal selection as well as with recruitment processes. Our core competence is in developing processes that help you to effectively and efficiently assess, analyse and evaluate the predefined requirements for a specific role, candidate or employee.  

For this purpose, we combine suitable psychometric tools, assessing, for example, cognitive or job-relevant capabilities, personality characteristics, leadership style, etc., with behaviour-oriented modules and interviews.


We can assist you with the following phases of the selection process with the following consultancy services.



Auswahlprozesse Englisch testconsultancydesignanalysisqualificationimplementationfacilitation

Analysis of the competency-based requirements for a specific role: ideally, the necessary future competencies are derived from the strategic goals of the company. These are then translated into a holistic corporation-wide competency model. On this basis, together with you, we will create a concrete job profile for a target position.

Design of the recruitment or selection process, consisting of a range of tools and processes, e.g., analysis of potential, structured interviews, management audits, specialist audits, selection days, etc.

Test consultancy enables the implementation of the appropriate psychometric tools for the selection process. Choose and combine job-relevant test batteries that the applicant can take at home, at an interview or at an assessment centre.

Training of the corporate interviewer, observer or decision-maker in the selection process: designing and implementing competence- or behaviour-oriented interviews or observer training. Qualification of internal HR employees in the application of particular psychometric tools as well as the interpretation, integration and standardisation of test results.

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Hogrefe consultants assist you with the implementation and delivery of the selection process: carrying out potential analyses, structured interviews, management audits, executive audits, selection days, etc.

Hogrefe consultants facilitate the decision process for a candidate or a group of candidates and conduct feedback sessions with the candidates.