Development Processes


Quickly recognising and effectively developing the potential and the competencies of talented individuals, specialists and managers within your company


We can assist you in the following phases of the development process with the following consultancy services.



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A competency or requirement analysis is the basis for a development profile. Ideally, the necessary future competencies of a role are derived from the strategic goals of the company. They are translated into a holistic, corporation-wide competency model that is based on desirable behaviours. On this basis, together with you, we will create a detailed development profile with reviewable steps for the participants of a development process that can also be the foundation for the selection of participants in a development centre.


Process planning for development centres that consist of interviews, aptitude, personality and ability assessment batteries, role play, feedback and development discussions.

Test consultancy for the implementation of the appropriate psychometric tools in a development process.


Preparing competency- and behaviour-based interview guidelines and questionnaires to assess competencies beyond specialisation. Creating development plans to implement and monitor the identified development needs.


Hogrefe consultants support the implementation of development processes by applying psychometric tools to assess cognitive and job-relevant capabilities and to analyse potential, with a specific focus on the personality of the candidates. Hogrefe consultants also help gain vital information through structured interviews.


Integration of the results and preparation of development suggestions for individuals or specific target groups in a development centre


Feedback and development discussions with candidates conducted by Hogrefe consultants. Consulting regarding the communication process in a company during or after the development process.