Hogrefe Consulting

…builds on the experience of 60 successful years. During this time, Hogrefe Publishing House and the Testzentrale have established themselves as highly competent partners for HR professionals in the field of scientifically-validated aptitude, personality and ability testing. Hogrefe’s presence in 11 European countries clearly demonstrates the international nature of the group. The new Hogrefe Consulting division now extends and strengthens the range of services offered by the Hogrefe Group, combining a unique portfolio of empirically-based assessment tools with high-quality consultancy services that cover all aspects involved in the selection and development of talent.


Talent creates success

Finding, developing and retaining talented employees – is THE business challenge of the 21st century. Only if a company can meet this challenge will it be able to gain an advantage over its competitors in the market, be able to grow in terms of quality and impact, and thus succeed in the long term.

It is people who are open to new perspectives and change, who deal with challenges creatively, and have the courage to develop innovative solutions that make an organisation unique.

Hogrefe Consulting can help you identify and develop existing (and possibly hidden) talent within your organisation and select and recruit the talented people you need. We do this by recommending and implementing sustainable methods and effective psychometric tools, as well as by setting in place efficient processes tailored to the demands of your organisation.